Mostly taking festival photos​

Born in Fukui, Japan


In Japan, more than 100,000 festivals are held throughout the year.  Most festivals are held annually, but in some cases, they are held every 10 years or longer.  Some are more spiritual and ritualistic rather than festive.  People pray for the Buddha and deities and show their gratitude to nature.


Festivals are community-based, and their forms, styles, and sizes vary greatly among regions.  They are inherited from generations to generations.  A few of them have been continued for more than 1000 years.


In some cases, festivals involve rather dangerous performance, and people practice weeks, or even months, ahead.  They are united to achieve a common goal, to successfully finish festivals.  A typical example is Kishiwada’s Danjiri Festival in Osaka, which is famous for its acrobatic performance.  Kishiwada people say that the next day they finish the festival for the year, they start to think about the next one.  They are passionate and devoted.


Festivals are series of unusual moments, which last only a day or two in most cases.  I capture people who enjoy such short moments and devote themselves in.  I try to catch their passion, effort, and devotion.